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PRW Network Automation Division is focused on Microsoft-based office automation.  Our team of professionals provides consulting services to the automotive industry; with a focus on the performance and racing dealers, distributors, retailers, and mail order customers throughout the world.  Our goal is to simplify accounting and inventory database management; and thereby streamline the work effort between our customers various departments.

Over the years, we have worked in tandem with many inventory management, barcode specialty, contact management, and customer relations companies and consultants.  The PRW Network Management Team has developed unique methods to improve coordination between accounting, merchandising, sales, marketing, customer service, and warehousing staff. 

Our group specializes in interface between horizontal and vertical software applications; combining off-the-shelf technology with specialty software or developer’s software for simplified operations.  Our customers enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft Office 2010 customized to work in conjunction with database applications such as “Acctivate” inventory management.  When combined with “QuickBooks” accounting and the flexibility of contact database management of “Act!”; PRW Network consultants provide simple solutions and reduced learning curve for our customers employees. 

Sales departments & customer service representatives need information readily
available to assess their business.  Commission reports are a simple matter, using Microsoft Access that is customized to suit your needs.  Inventory availability is critical to maintaining good customer relations.  PRW network advisors can provide that data in a simplified Microsoft Access or Excel format that is easy to read, simple to query, and quick to format and respond.


Let PRW Network consultants assist your business with updated Microsoft server and desktop solutions.  We can show you cost-effective alternatives to replace the outdated or ineffective software for inventory control, bookkeeping, unified messaging and mobile devices; utilizing the savings from increased performance and production. 

Our goalwith each of our clients is to recommend current Microsoft solutions and devices that PRW technicians have tested on the latest server platforms.  Examples of those recommendations include Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Windows 7, Office 2010, Small Business Server, Exchange 2010 and Lync Server. 

PRWN consultants have defined solutions that work well with modestly-priced and well-known business hardware, including the latest Symbol/Motorola and Intermec scanners running Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5.  We can assist warehouse operations with improved communications and time-saving interface between a wide variety of Windows Mobile phones, Zebra label printers and Compaq Proliant servers.

As a Microsoft Solution Provider, we can offer tested recommendations configured to work seamlessly with software applications such as Acctivate, Quickbooks, Peachtree, ACT!, and Bartender for barcode printing and management.

From a logistics standpoint, the PRWN specialized team understands what is required at the warehouse level.  Communicating inventory cycle counts to the various intra-network departments and ultimately to the distributor, dealers, and retailers is critical to meeting business goals.  Utilizing PRW systems, warehouse management is dramatically improved and costs are reduced.  Our interface requires less training. while offering improved output, because the software applications are programmed to work seamlessly with our customers operational policies.

Please call upon us for a professional appraisal to better understand how PRW Network and Office Functions can assist your business.  A brief interview over the phone or via email may save your company thousands of dollars in operational costs.


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